What’s New in Trading 212 PRO - September 2014 Monthly Digest

What’s New in Trading 212 PRO – September 2014 Monthly Digest

We’ve added several functionalities and two new indicators to our platform

We had a busy September, but we haven’t stopped listening to your feedback. Based on it we’ve added two new functionalities and a couple of interesting indicators to aid in your technical analysis.

Separate window chart view

Our main addition is the option to open a selected chart in a new window. This gives you the ability to browse elsewhere in your main window, but still keep an eye on that chart for when it reaches the level you want. It will be of help to users who use split screens or trade on multiple monitors.

Separate window chart view

Once this chart is separated from the platform it’s active and has live prices, but if you log out (or you’re timed out) of the platform it will stop receiving quotes. When you log in again, it will be up and running with any changes you made to it while it was connected.

Integrated chart scroll

This functionality helps you see a longer period in the future and follow any drawings and figures you’ve added to the chart. This aids you in moving from what’s already happened, to any technical projections in the future.

Chart Scrolling 1

To use it you just have to click and hold the cursor on any point of the chart window and then drag to the left to whatever point you prefer. The chart will automatically hide and readjust itself to show the remaining part of the graph.

Chart Scrolling 2

Ichimoku and Fractal indicators

We’ve also added two new indicators that have been requested by many of you over the last months. The first is Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (also known as Ichimoku Cloud) – developed in the 1960’s by a financial journalist from Japan named Goichi Hosoda. This indicator has many fans due to its clear indications of entry and exit points, as well as range markets.

Ichimoku and Fractal indicators

It’s based on two custom moving averages that show crossing points between two cloud-like fields on the chart. The fields are formed by data based on these moving averages, combined with the 52-week high and low. They can be then plotted for six months ahead.

According to the indicator, the prices are headed up when the current level is above the cloud and respectively down when they are below the cloud. If the price is currently within the cloud that would indicate a low volatility (range) market.

The second indicator is Fractals. Mainly used for identifying trend reversals, they consist of five bars which confirm a signal when one of the following conditions is met:

  1. When the lowest bar is located in the middle of the pattern and there are two bars with consecutive higher lows around it, that would indicate a pending upward movement
  2. When the highest bar is located in the middle of the fractal pattern and there are two bars with consecutive lower highs, then that is seen as an indication of a new downtrend

Share any and all other features that you’d like to see in the platform and we’ll take them under consideration.

6 thoughts on “What’s New in Trading 212 PRO – September 2014 Monthly Digest

  1. Wow, this is so great! This plattform is a ultimative os-independent choice for traiding. In combination with a Chrome OS device, you will get great tools for earning money.

    Thank you! 😀

  2. Thanks for the updates! would it be possible that you guys will start adding price alert updates? For example if i set an alert for a certain amount and it reaches an amount that i get a alert per email. this would really help with most of my trades instead of looking at the screen all day!

    1. Thanks for getting back to us, Garrett. We will surely keep your suggestion in mind for future platform improvements.

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