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What’s New in Trading 212 PRO – November 2016 Monthly Digest

As most of you have noticed we changed a couple of things in the web app over the last several weeks and we’re happy to announce them to you today.

Redesigned Trade box

Trade box

Our most crucial upgrade is the new-look trade box. Making trades is the focal point of your experience in Trading 212 and should be done in the easiest way possible. With this in mind we’ve now included a mini-chart that gives you a quick glance at the instruments’ latest movements. It’s colour indicates if it’s up or down for the session and the line chart provides a quick reference for its movement.

Mini-charts combined with the buy and sell buttons and the amount selection are the three components of the Standard view of the trade box. Seeing as how traders have different styles and different needs we’ve made this the default but we’ve also included four more views and the ability to customise them.

The List view has only the instrument name, price and buy/sell buttons displayed while the Compact view switches to tiles and allows for adjusting the quantity of your position. The Sentiment view has one addition to the Standard – the percentage of traders buying or selling that particular instrument.

The Full view has everything else we mentioned plus the daily move in percentage points and value as well as the high and low for the session or day. Essentially it provides you with a large part of what you’d look for on a chart. But if there’s something you don’t need – you can also create a custom view.

All of the variations of the trade box answer to the same principles – simplicity, efficiency and fluidity.

Instrument Details tab

Instrument details

Our second addition is the Instrument Details tab on the top right of the web app. It will display details about your selected chart.

The reasoning behind it is to have a single location for everything that you need for trading an instrument. Here you can create market and pending orders and set price alerts, again based on information about instrument performance over different time frames.

Information about trading hours, margins, swaps and spreads is now directly available beside the chart, not scattered around and hard to come by.

Let us know what you think about the new features and arrangement in the comments below. We’re also open to all suggestions you might have for us.

5 thoughts on “What’s New in Trading 212 PRO – November 2016 Monthly Digest

  1. Good to see new features being added to the platform. Every detail of the intruments is just one click away. Great!
    A suggestion for improvements. It would be good to have the pending orders behave as the alerts. I mean, make the pending orders visual, so that one can easily track, move them easily. It is faster and more efficient that way.


  2. I love the Instrument Details tab, i see everything about my specific instrument… Thanks for the updates and thanks for the great services. 😉

  3. nice additions guys but I’d like to request a few things, being able to:

    (1) “hide” capital like with MT4 where no one can see your money since i would in the near future do videos using your platform.

    (2) see top 10 of the best performers on real accounts, their names can be hidden or just show initials just so we can get inspired by those doing well, also get best performers of the days, weekly and monthly maybe even yearly.

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