Trading 212's Weekend Reads and Charts 29-30.11.14

Trading 212’s Weekend Reads and Charts 29-30.11.14

Trading 212's Weekend Reads and Charts 29-30.11.14

This weekend’s reads focus on falling oil prices and how they offer an opportunity for change. We also share the Financial Times reconstruction of the days the euro was saved during the Greek crisis in 2011 and finally – the best tips on finding out if you’ve really found a deal on Black Friday, or any promotion for that matter.

Geopolitics is changing quickly with falling oil prices and the US becoming the world’s largest oil producer with the help of fracking. Is this a chance for the west to make a significant step forward? (The Guardian)

To aid any research on oil supply and demand you can take a look at this graph that guides through the last several decades and points to the future of energy production. (CNBC)

In a five-piece series the Financial Times goes over the defining moments for the euro in the last several years. They start off with the what happened during the Greek crisis. (Financial Times)

Although Black Friday was two days ago, we share the best tips we’ve found on telling if there is any value in the deluge of promotions and discounts that we see so often. Maybe they’ll be come in handy on Cyber Monday. (LifeHacker)

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