Media coverage of #TradingRevolution

The #TradingRevolution and #FreeStockTrading in the Media

As we continue rolling out our zero commission stock trading service, we’ve attracted the attention of leading media from London and the City.

Here’s what the they’re saying about our trading revolution and bringing down the barriers to stock investing.

The Telegraph:

“A new entrant to mainstream share dealing is driving trading costs down to a new low – in fact, to zero.”


“Online trading startup Trading 212 is hoping it can provide the next stock market revolution.”


“There’s no doubt that the commissions charged by the large brokers in the UK are significantly more expensive than those from Trading 212.”

City A.M.:

“Brokers beware: The UK’s first ever no-commission share trading service launches today.”


“New share trading platform launches with zero commission deals.”

banking technology:

“Brokers are jokers with Trading 212 zero commission service.”


We are proud that our service has been recognised for exactly what it is – a new way for everyone to invest in UK and global companies. The plaudits and praise across the financial community speak for themselves.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come!

One thought on “The #TradingRevolution and #FreeStockTrading in the Media

  1. Dear Trading 212

    Having used your platform for a few weeks now and completed my first few trades, I have managed to squeeze a few modest gains thus far, this is something I have never contemplated trying in the past. I am just a regular working guy and was sceptical at first. Trading 212 makes it so easy, be it a practice account or real world.

    There are no hidden agendas, the tutorials set out to explain things in ‘jargon-less’ speak. if you trade a loss they take it, if you trade a gain it is sent to your bank account, simple, secure and great value. More power to your site Trading 212.

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