Lower Spread – Better Execution

Lower Spread - Better Execution
Lower Spread for EUR/USD PRO
EUR/USD PRO on Trading 212

Reporting our 0.9 EUR/USD spread and improved order execution

We are delighted to announce the new lower EUR/USD PRO spread – now significantly down to 0.9 pips.

If you are ready to step up for the adrenaline of the floating spread, join the PRO league and put all your experience into practice.

At the same time, to reduce the level of risk you take, Trading 212 makes sure to provide the perfect order execution:

  • It takes less than 100 milliseconds;
  • The price you click on is exactly the price you get. No more, no less;
  • Maximum spread can’t go higher than 3 pips upon news. Volatile market is no excuse.

This is what we call an outstanding service.

Ready to try? Log in now.

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