Libra And The Current State of Crypto

We’ve had some pretty significant events happen in the crypto world recently and the introduction of Libra has certainly been one of them.


Today we’re taking a different look at it and we’ll not be covering the news, but instead, dig into our own analysis on the subject.


With Bitcoin’s inconsistency when it comes to price and the overall volatility of the few other main cryptocurrencies, Facebook see this as their time to shine, by introducing their very own Libra currency. While the conversation has lately shifted and it’s now thought that it may never launch, what’s interesting is the model it’s going with, as this is the key difference, setting it apart from its competitors.


Libra was initially presented as the perfect currency that would finally solve it all and introduce crypto to the world in a new and regulated way, at the same time promising you freedom in all transactions. Let’s take a look and see if things really are this way, or if we’re just projecting our hopes onto it.


The main thing with Libra is that you can either sell it and buy it on various Libra exchanges around the world or privately from other people. You can sort of think about Libra as the hybrid between crypto and fiat currencies – it’s digital in the sense of crypto, but is controlled by a central authority like the regular ones. Libra is thought of as a safe way to keep money when travelling across the world or for example it could be used to protect yourself from hyperinflation in countries like Venezuela, where it will be 1,000,000% by the end of the year.


Great! Well, at least so far.


So how does Libra come into the world? Glad you asked. Only the Libra Association can issue Libra and they can create or destroy as many units as they wish, giving them the same powers as the central banks when it comes to real money. When selling your Libra back to Facebook, it’s destroyed and you’re given your regular currency. Where things get interesting, and this is following the Central Bank theme, is that they can also decide how much Libra is worth, as they’re in full control of the exchanges.


This is the total opposite to Bitcoin, where each coin has to be mined and there’s a finite amount to farm. Let’s not forget the fact that Bitcoin transactions can also be anonymously validated from anywhere in the world, whereas Libra transactions can only be validated through the Libra association after you’ve passed the identity verification procedures. Once you’ve bought some Libra in exchange for your regular money, it’s Facebook’s idea to then invest that money into various assets that are known to hold their value in time (i.e. Gold, Stocks etc.)


The Libra regulating body is handpicked and approved by Facebook; it consists of large privately held companies like Uber, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and 24 others. They were founded in Switzerland, further limiting any regulatory powers that would’ve been there in the first place. One can imagine that the Libra paying functionalities will be integrated into all Facebook products and given their track record on privacy, we can’t rule out full payment behaviour analysis, allowing for better ad targeting.


Think of it as: Zero accountability – full control. 


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The Widest Array of Cannabis Instruments, Now on Trading 212

If you’ve been looking to trade with a great variety of cannabis stocks and CFDs, you’d want to hear about our new Cannabis Watchlist. We now offer the widest* array of cannabis instruments, and they’re all neatly organised into a watchlist, which you can instantly open and select from.

In addition to that, we’re introducing the new Cannabis Index for CFD accounts. This will allow your investment’s movements to reflect the collective performance of the world’s largest cannabis companies.

Last, but not least – you’ll also find some new names along with the established players. Some of those are – Village Farms International, Corbus Pharmaceuticals and Arena Pharmaceuticals.


*as of the date of publishing

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The New Look Of Trading 212 Invest

If you’ve been using Trading 212 for your investing, you already know that we put a lot of emphasis on simplicity, ensuring that everyone can take maximum advantage of our platform regardless of whether they’re a beginner or an experienced trader.

If you’ve just recently joined us, then simply taking a look at our new Invest account design should be enough to convey our vision.

The new Invest design is aimed at providing you with the most important information you need in order to make a decision. Everything is exactly where you expect it to be.

Starting off with the most apparent changes – logos are now featured for most of the bigger companies, making it easier for you to spot the one you’re looking for. We’ve also added new indicators, further simplifying the process and making it easier for you to see exactly what’s happening with your funds.

The share price of each company is now displayed in the respective currency, depending on its country of origin. Speaking of “country of origin”, you can now see that too right below the company name, along with the ticker.

Once you’re done with the numbers, you’ll be taken to a screen, containing a short summary of your order. You can then quickly review it before you send it for execution.

This is a short summary of our latest update. We really hope that you like it. Make sure to follow us and stay tuned for more in the future, as we’re always working on new and exciting stuff.

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Uber Is Coming

It’s that time again. With the rarity of such events, this is surely one to watch.

Ride-hailing giant Uber is expected to conduct its Initial Public Offering (IPO) this Friday – May 10th.

The company’s valuation is predicted to reach nearly $90 billion, with share price ranges likely to be between $44 and $50 per share. This would make it one of the biggest IPOs ever and surely in recent years, since Alibaba raised just over $25 billion in 2014 at $68 per share, shooting their valuation up in the range of $170 billion at the time.

As always, Trading 212 will be sure to offer Uber for both CFD and Invest accounts as soon as possible, once its debut on Wall Street is a fact.


Risk warning: Investments can fall and rise. Your capital may be at risk.

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We’re Now At 300,000

Three hundred thousand.

What is that? 300,000 of you have now chosen to subscribe to our YouTube channel, which means that we’re now roughly the size of Kingston. Or that we could fill the Olympic Stadium in London about 5 times, or more than 720 Boeing 747 planes.. it’s clear where we’re headed.

Ever since we uploaded our first video five years ago, our goal has remained the same – to provide quality content, that can help both experienced, as well as beginner traders. Are you starting just now, and still learning about the different types of graphics and instruments? Or perhaps you’ve been trading for the past few years? There is a video for you, that can help you grow and hone your skills.

Our YouTube community has now become a great place, where you can find other like-minded individuals and have an open discussion on the newest trends in the stock market, or simply ask a question and have it answered by us right then and there.

We’re thankful for all 300,000 of you, who have joined us over the past five years and would like to welcome all of you, who are yet to do that. Here’s to the next five.

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