Instrument full names

What’s New in Trading 212 PRO – November Monthly Digest

November sees several additions to Trading 212, as we continue with our regular improvements to the platform.

Full name option for stocks

 Instrument full names

We have now included an option to display the full names of stocks in the trade box. As quotes come to us with a ticker which is universally accepted in the trading world, this is the way we have been displaying them until now. But with some finding it challenging to find instruments from the search bar, or being more accustomed to the brand names, we’ve included the full name display as an option which can be changed from Settings -> General -> Personalisation, in the upper left corner of the web platform.


Pending orders outside market hours

 Pending orders

This is our trade-related upgrade for the month. The 24 hour news cycle is now influencing markets more than ever and this is changing the way traders react and adjust to them. Pending orders are one of the main tools in the trading arsenal and allow traders to set actions at specific price levels. However, with news coming left, right and center in recent times, it has been challenging to keep up with the financial, political and emerging economy news.

This fundamental shift towards more globalisation in the markets has made different instruments susceptible to changing conditions outside of their regular trading hours, increasing the chance of sharp moves at the very beginning of trade and execution of pending orders at prices that may no longer be desired by traders. Many feel like they’re still on foot while the market has galloped ahead, so to avoid this we’ve created the option to create, modify and cancel pending orders while the market is closed. This can be done from the Pending tab in the New Order window.

Stay tuned for more improvements and share what you’d like to see in the platform in the comments.

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