13 thoughts on “What’s New in Trading 212 PRO – March Monthly Digest

  1. finally we have price alerts 🙂 good job 🙂 If I can make a suggestion, it would be nice to see more of Fibonacci retracements personalization like choosing values levels, changing the colors of the specific lines and setting it as a default.

    1. Thanks Jack! We’ve passed along your suggestion for personalising the Fibonacci retracements to our design and development teams. Keep the ideas coming 🙂

    1. Hello Mauro, we are looking into adding volume indicators and it’s in our pipeline. We’ve also forwarded your request for an “open interest” to our trading and development teams.

    1. Hi Richard, for two and three minute indicators to be added we’d need those periods in the platform, which is something we’re not looking at the moment. We suggest trading the more common rapid timeframes with tick and one-minute charts. Indicators like moving averages can be set for specific periods and they would be just as relevant for short-term trading, as they are for longer terms.

  2. Just love your iPAD application. Keep up the good work.

    One small request: Is it possible to note the currency above the price to the right. It’s very difficult with 10 or more positions open to always know which currency is being quoted.

  3. I always set up a number of if/then pending items at the start of a day and sometimes during the day. Each one, however, is a slow process requiring 4 mouse clicks even before I start adding data. Would it be possible to have a default if/then pending item?

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