Japanese stocks

What’s New in Trading 212 PRO – April Monthly Digest

After recently adding Chinese currency pairs we continue our commitment to expand the instruments from Asian markets, making the session more interesting.

Japanese stocks

You can now trade some of the Japanese heavyweights that have some of the largest businesses in the world’s third largest economy. Others are immense multinationals that have interesting interplays with western and Chinese companies.

The automakers are a key part of the export-oriented Japanese economy, despite the multiple production facilities they have overseas. Companies like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Nissan and Suzuki have large trading volumes and their results influence the NIKKEI when there is news or earnings reports.

The expansion plans of the Japanese companies also makes them interesting. Docomo is the largest local telecom operator and has plans to expand across Asia, Komatsu is one of the largest producers of construction equipment and together with Caterpillar from the US are considered to reflect the global economy. Softbank is another large player and proud owner of a serious percentage of Alibaba.

Familiar names like Panasonic, Sony and Canon complete the list, although they are considered to be waning in recent times. But this could be a useful exercise in seeing how the stock price of a company, considered to be in general decline, behaves.

You can find the full list in the messages section of the platform.

Japanese stocks White theme

New currency pairs added

We’re also continuing our expansion of one of the mainstays of our instruments list – currencies. 30 more exotic pairs were added on the 16th of April and after introducing Scandinavian stocks and currencies a while back. We now built on that with offering Norwegian Krona (NOK) and Swedish Krona (SEK) pairs. They can be qualified as exotic pairs as the other halves are from countries like Hungary, the Czech Republic and Mexico among others.

In line with our Asian instrument push, we’ve also added five more pairs with the Singapore Dollar (SGD). The full list of additions can also be seen in the platform’s message panel.

New currency pairs

Mobile version upgrade

By popular request we’ve made an improvement to the way the widely used Take profit and Stop levels are entered. Previously the process took more time and was a bit cumbersome, but now the values that traders want to set can be introduced with the keyboard of the phone, making it straightforward.

White theme take profit and stop loss

Let us know what you think about the additions and if you want to see some other improvement.

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