What’s New in Trading 212 PRO – August 2014 Monthly Digest

What’s New in Trading 212 PRO – August 2014 Monthly Digest

One-click closing added, together with improvements for indicators and our mobile version

Going to the beach in August didn’t keep us from improving the Trading 212 platforms and we’re happy to report our progress.

One-click position closing

Until now, when closing an open position, you were prompted with a message to confirm your action. While this prevents accidental closures, quite a few of you requested that it be optional. You can now disable the confirmation pop-up from the settings toolbar.

While this functionality is not yet live in our mobile apps, we wanted to launch the functionality for the web platform as soon as we developed it to provide you with more favourable trading conditions sooner.

 What’s New in Trading 212 PRO – August 2014 Monthly Digest - One Click Closing

Indicator search and groups

Indicators are now easier to find with two new changes. We’ve created a search field from where you can directly type in the indicator’s name and jump to it without going through the dropdown menus. They are also grouped by types (trend, oscillators, volatility and other) for easier selection of multiple but similar indicators.

What’s New in Trading 212 PRO – August 2014 Monthly Digest - Search For Indicators

We’ve made another small improvement for the indicators – when you want to remove one or more that are similar from the chart (different moving averages for instance), it will now be easier to discern them and select the correct one.

 What’s New in Trading 212 PRO – August 2014 Monthly Digest - Indicator Selection

Mobile platform improvements

We’ve made many tweaks to the platform’s mobile versions, enhancing the decision-making process and the trading experience. Check out this video for a walkthrough of the new stuff:

The main improvements are the additional timeframes (we now offer 5m, 15m and 30m views) and the ability to view an instrument in three different views – trading, sentiment and daily price change.

You can also manually input the desired quantity, as well as lock the selected one for all orders with the respective instrument. This allows you to place orders faster, at the exact moment you wish to buy or sell.

What’s coming up

This month we’ll continue working on the platform’s hedging mode, as well as an option to view and modify Take Profit and Stop Loss values directly from the chart. We welcome feedback on these changes, as well as suggestions on what you’d like to see.

16 thoughts on “What’s New in Trading 212 PRO – August 2014 Monthly Digest

  1. There is an essential thing missing: Alarm function !

    There is NO platform on the market without such a tool. Notify my when Pirce reaches xxx Level.

    Cheers Mario

  2. fantastic updates! keep up the good work! I would love to have a live news ticker in the trading area, so you can see news as they are coming in. is something like that possible?

    1. Hi John! You can follow all important news from our Economic Calendar in real time through the ‘News and analyses’ panel in the top right corner within the Trading 212 PRO platform (above the ‘Messages’ panel) and also in the Trading 212 website here: http://news.trading212.com/en/

  3. SPANISH- En primer lugar felicitar al equipo de treiding 212 por todas las mejoras en la plataforma PRO. Los nuevos instrumentos para el análisis técnico son de agradecer para los chartistas pero en mi humilde opinión solo falta incorporar un sofward que permita abrir diferentes cartas de un mismo producto en diferentes time-frame. En la anterior plataforma uno podía seguir la evolución del precio del mercado de un valor determinado teniendo diferentes gráficos de tiempo (para utilizar mas de un monitor) y en la nueva plataforma no se puede dejando al operador sin la información necesaria. Es solo una sugerencia desde mi humilde opinión, por todo lo demás felicidades de nuevo al equipo de treiding 212 por todas las mejoras en la plataforma PRO…….

    Un cordial saludo

    1. Hola, Juan. Las posiciones de cobertura están por implementarse en la plataforma de Trading 212 PRO, esto va a permitir que se abran posiciones de un mismo instrumento en diferentes horas y a precios diferentes. Pronto podrá abrir los gráficos en ventanas separadas y distribuirlas en más de una pantalla en la cuenta real. Por ahora esta función está disponible en la cuenta Demo, basta con presionar con el botón derecho del ratón sobre el cuadro de negociación de algún producto y la verá, dice ´Abrir gráfico en una nueva ventana´.

    1. Ciao, Saverio. Siamo lieti di annunciare che l’indicatore economico Ichimoku sarà aggiunto nella piattaforma di Trading 212 PRO.

  4. I want to know what the red and green bars represent as I still don’t know but they look important for trading.
    And what are oscillators and volatility?

    1. Hello Jaymin. You can learn about the red and green bars of the Japanese candlestick charts in our video tutorial here: http://youtu.be/OGFxp3Pixg8
      Oscillator is a technical indicator which uses two extreme values to depict short-term price movements in terms of being overbought or oversold.
      Volatility is the specific measure of the fluctuations in the rate of a given financial instrument over a given period.

  5. There is no function to put stops in to lock in profits, you can only lock in a loss. Why not a profit? this is an essential feature which is needed!

    1. Hi, Gekko. You can set your desired profit levels by using the Pending Orders feature on the Trading 212 PRO platform.

  6. It is unbelievable.
    How can even the trading platform without a price alarm exist? Until you do not work on it your software is useless to trade.
    Let me know as soon as you introduce alarms/ notifications to your platform.

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