Weekend Reads and Charts 18-19.10.14

Weekend Reads and Charts 17-18.10.14

Weekend Reads and Charts 18-19.10.14

Here is our weekly review of articles from the world of trading, finance and business, as well as their crossing points with science, technology and pop-culture.

The Guardian’s Nils Pratley points out some of shortcomings of the Eurozone and gives a short and mid-term forecast for it’s economy. (The Guardian)

The first of two articles this week on Germany is Boston Globe’s look at the giant human and economical experiment that was the splitting of the country after WWII. (Boston Globe)

Our second selection about the engine of the EU is focused on how young professionals are educated in the famous apprentice programs, credited to both help unemployment and innovation. (The Atlantic)

Competition between Google and Facebook is heating up with YouTube losing ground in the social network. (Mashable)

Time Warner had a meeting with investors this week and the best coverage actually came from non-financial media (Hollywood Reporter).

We also got the list of future superhero movies stretching to 2020. (IGN)

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