We are happy to introduce Social Charts!

Starting this week we will be unrolling our new exciting feature that allows you to see what other traders are saying and doing right on the chart in real time. This will happen through a new level of integration with the social app for traders Tradebird and heralds an even more social way of engaging the markets.

We are happy to introduce Social Charts!

The opinions and sentiment now become part of the chart with the avatars of traders displayed simultaneously under the timeline. Whenever you want to see what they’re saying you can just hover over them and the posts will appear over the chart at the exact same time they were posted.

This way you’ll be able to track why a sharp move has happened, if others are surprised by it and different opinions on what happens next. Predictions will also be easier to track, as they will appear in a clearer way, just like a timeline, but one directly connected to what’s happening on the markets.

We are happy to introduce Social Charts! - Trading 212

We hope you find this feature useful and an inseparable part of charts. We’d be very happy to hear your thoughts about it in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “We are happy to introduce Social Charts!

  1. This is a nice functionality! However, I wonder what kind of filtering it’s being applied either in Tradebird or Trading212 for displaying some items but not others.

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