The Coming Week 22-26.12.2014

The Coming Week 22-26.12.2014

The Coming Week 22-26.12.2014

Despite the holiday season, markets will probably see more volatility

In a week of high volatility and geopolitical action, we have seen sharper moves than usual for indexes and commodities. This will most likely be the case next week, as it’s a time of heightened tension and any news coming from major players will have a sharper impact on prices, especially oil and the rouble.

Besides that we’re entering a week with different working hours, both for the platform and the markets as a whole. You can check our schedule at the home page and the ones for the London Stock Exchange, NYSE and Euronext.

The scheduled news next week will come with the CPI data from the UK and U.S. Their impact, combined with any changes in direction for the Russian currency and their main export, will show if Santa is bringing a rally for us.

Our recommended reads for the weekend:

The Economist’s take on the crumbling rouble. (Economist)

Two connected article – a forecast for oil in 2015-16 and how it correlates to economic growth (Forbes) and how Pimco, one of the largest investment management firms, see said growth for next year. (Reuters)

With the Hunger Games: Mockingjay in cinemas, we look back at our analysis of the franchise, the person behind it (Trading 212 blog) and we confirm their success at the box office. (Box Office Mojo)

Keeping with the film theme, here’s the best summary of the Sony hacking and the case for taking down The Interview. (The Verge)

Amid all the oil and currency commotion, many people missed out on how the U.S. and Cuba warmed up to each other under the Pope’s guidance. It’s a significant development that might impact the U.S. economy in the near future. (Washington Post)

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