The coming week 15-19.12.14

The Coming Week 15-19.12.14

The coming week 15-19.12.14

We look at the major events for next week and leave you with our usual weekend reads

We cover the snap elections in Japan, the planned strike of Amazon workers right before Christmas, Instagram surpassing Twitter and the last FOMC meeting for 2014.

Japanese prime-minister Shinzo Abe, pictured above, called an election to be held this Sunday, in an effort to continue his economic reforms. Elections in Japan aren’t as frequent as in Switzerland, but they do come frequently compared to most Western countries.

Traders will be paying attention in the early hours on Monday for the reaction of the markets with USD/JPY and the key local index, the NIKKEI, in particular focus. Volatility is to be expected as the first exit polls start to come in the early morning GMT time and will likely continue once the actual results start to filter through.

Oil will continue to be under close scrutiny next week, with the low prices causing joy and pain in different parts of the world. Wednesday will see the FOMC make its last statement for the year at 7:00pm GMT, followed by a press conference, but this time the announcement of oil inventories at 3:30pm GMT might ruffle some feathers more than usual.

Last and probably least, Amazon workers are planning a strike around Christmas, so keep an eye on their stocks come Monday if the issue hasn’t been resolved.

And here are our traditional weekend reads:

The Guardian’s guide to the elections in Japan. (The Guardian)

An analysis confirming part of the reasoning for the Santa Claus rally we covered yesterday. (MarketWatch)

Instagram, now part of the Facebook family, this week surpassed Twitter in user numbers. (TechCrunch)

Protests in Hong Kong are coming to an end, but who won? (BBC)

Don’t shake your camera! GoPro’s can now be used for identifying their wearer, just like with fingerprints, according to researchers at Cornell University. (Gizmodo)

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